Fiscal Instruments

Fiscal Instruments for Environment and Climate Change: Experience from Indian States

Background: Greenhouse gases (GHGs) and other pollutants are negative externalities imposing an external cost on the entire society and not just on the individuals who consume a certain product. Though India does not have an […]


Climate Finance at the Sub-National Level – The Case of Odisha

This study aims to develop financing strategies that would assist the Central and State Governments in implementing the State Action Plans on Climate Change (SAPCC) in an effective and efficient manner. There are broadly three […]



Developmental Benefits from a Low Carbon Pathway

India is in a position to reap enormous benefits from a low-carbon developmental pathway. This study shows that a focus on inclusivity in India’s economic growth can result in large benefits. In fact, there are […]

Climate Finance: Understanding India’s Requirements and Opportunities

Progress towards climate change goals often falter over a familiar stumbling block: financing. India’s climate finance requirements are enormous and we are looking for a combination of domestic public financing, private financing and international climate […]

Team Members
  • Nithya V. Raman Nithya V. Raman
  • Vivek Venkataramani Vivek Venkataramani
  • 167166_10150380044870595_820445594_16684494_243003_n Kadambari Anantram
  • Revati Dhoble Revati Dhoble
  • Rajesh Rangarajan Rajesh Rangarajan
  • Sujatha Sujatha Srinivasan
  • Santosh Singh Santosh Singh
  • Muthukumaran Krishnamoorthi Muthukumaran Krishnamoorthi
  • Soma-1 Somasundaram L
  • Prabhu Raja Prabu Raja
  • Somya Sethuraman Somya Sethuraman
  • Koyel Mandal Koyel Mandal
  • Shweta Bhagwat Shweta Bhagwat