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  • EA2

    Atlas of Household Energy Consumption and Expenditure in India

    We at the Centre for Development Finance-IFMR are proud to introduce the Energy Atlas – the first interactive online resource, complete with explanatory report, which allows investors, entrepreneurs and policy makers to quickly access and […]

  • project

    Urban Testing Project

    The Rural Market Insight group conducted a study of rapid prototyping and user testing on the Base of the Pyramid (BoP) households located in urban areas in Chennai. The study served to explore whether the […]

  • Power-to-the-People

    Power to the People: Investing in Clean Energy for the Base of the Pyramid in India

    India, a rapidly emerging economy with the world’s second largest population, is facing a surging energy demand. Its rural Base of the Pyramid (BoP) consists of 114 million households, representing 76 percent of India’s rural […]

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